Carnelian Oval Woven Wire Pendant

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This necklace features a hand cut and polished Carnelian cabochon. I wove a lacy bezel to keep it in place and show its prettiest parts. It is reversible, the back is open so you can see the unique beauty of both sides.

This Carnelian stone is oval shaped, with faint dark and light red stripes. When held up to the light, you can really see the stripes.

I hung it on an (approximately) 16 inch copper chain, with an inch long extender so it can hang a bit longer if need be. I also added a handmade copper clasp and a faceted Carnelian bead dangle to finish it off.

Do not sleep, exercise, or shower in your jewelry. Keep it in a safe place like a jewelry box when not wearing it. Do not throw it in a drawer or purse, as that can cause jewelry to break or become tangled. Gemstones can break or crack with force. Jewelry can be fragile. Please treat it with care.

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