Centering and Grounding Smoky Quartz

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This hand knotted mala features natural Smoky Quartz beads. It was strung with 108 beads in the Tibetan tradition, and has a handmade tassel.

The Book of Stones has this to say about Smoky Quartz:
Smoky Quartz is one of the premier grounding stones. It can help even the spaciest individuals get their 'land legs' so they can fully function as physical beings. It can enhance practicality and organization, lending focus to students and patience to teachers. Smoky Quartz offers protection from negative energies in ones environment. It can absorb and transmute negativity and ground it in the earth, where it an be neutralized. That makes it a great stone to wear when having a bad day.

This mala comes with a satin pouch for safe keeping.

Caring for your mala:
Store your mala in the pouch or in a safe place when not in use. Do not wear on your wrist or ankle for extended periods of time, as this could cause it to break.
Treat gemstones with care, as gems can crack with force. When the tassel shows some wear, you can wet and finger comb the strands, trim if necessary, and let dry overnight.

This item ships in a Kraft gift box for safe shipping and sweet gift giving.

Please treat jewelry with care. Keep them in a safe place when not wearing, so they don't get knotted or kinked. Don't wear while swimming, showering or during strenuous exercise.

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