Stabalizing and cleansing Grey Lace Agate

I made this Mala using Grey Lace Agate and purple cord. I also made a purple tassel to match. Its pretty. I put a knot in between every bead, in the Tibetan tradition.

Agate balances the yin-yang energy and stabilizes the aura. It provides a cleansing effect and smooths dysfunctional energy to transform and eliminate negativity. Agate can help one to become more perceptive to situations and help awaken talents and inspiration.

This mala comes with a satin pouch for safe keeping.

Caring for your mala:
Store your mala in the pouch or in a safe place when not in use. Do not wear on your wrist or ankle for extended periods of time, as this could cause it to break.
Treat gemstones with care, as gems can crack with force. When the tassel shows some wear, you can wet and finger comb the strands, trim if necessary, and let dry overnight.

Much love.

Made in sunny Santa Barbara with love.
All of the explanations of metaphysical stones are for educational purposes only. Our jewelry is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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