Peace and Inner Happiness Hematite

I made this Mala using Hematite beads. They are black with a silvery grey shine. I hand knotted them in the Tibetan tradition with 108 beads. I finished it with a handmade black cotton tassel.

Hematite has been called a stone for the mind. It helps to sort things out in ones mind and can be helpful for memory enhancement, original thinking, and the development of mental and manual dexterity.
It assists in the dissolution of negativity, and facilitate the attainment of peace, self control and inner happiness.

This mala comes with a satin pouch for safe keeping and ships in a kraft gift box for safe shipping and sweet gift giving.

Caring for your mala:
Store your mala in the pouch or in a safe place when not in use. Do not wear on your wrist or ankle for extended periods of time, as this could cause it to break.
Treat gemstones with care, as gems can crack with force. When the tassel shows some wear, you can wet and finger comb the strands, trim if necessary, and air dry.

Do not sleep, exercise, or shower in your jewelry. Keep it in a safe place like a jewelry box when not wearing it. Do not throw it in a drawer or purse, as that can cause jewelry to break or become tangled. Gemstones can break or crack with force. Jewelry can be fragile. Please treat it with care.

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