Slow down. Calm down. Recycled Copper Affirmation Bracelet

On this bracelet I stamped the phrase
'slow down. calm down.
don't worry. don't hurry.
trust the process.'

It was coined by Alexandra Stoddard. It is a very good reminder for myself to just relax and trust the process.

This bracelet started out at a discarded piece of plumbing pipe removed during a kitchen remodel. I heated it with a torch, cut it open, pounded it flat. Then I cut a section out, stamped my phrase, filed the edges, punched holes, and put it in the tumbler to clean and work harden it. While I waited, I made the S detail and clasp. When it was finished in the tumbler, I polished it and darkened the lettering, and attached the clasp and chain.

The copper bar itself measures approximatly 2 and 1/2 inches by 3/4 inches. the finished length of the bracelet is 7 inches. I can easily make it bigger or smaller, just let me know.

Hand stamping uses individual stamps lined up one after the other and hit with a hammer. The letters may not line up perfectly and some letters may be deeper than others. That is what makes it unique.

Due to the recycled nature of this copper, it will be slightly distressed looking.

This item comes in a Kraft gift box for safe shipping or thoughtful gift giving.

Please treat jewelry with care. Keep them in a safe place when not wearing, so they don't get knotted or kinked. Don't wear while swimming, showering or during strenuous exercise.

We always welcome custom orders, if you would like something made to your specifications please let us know.

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