Stand Tall triangle bracelet

This bracelet started its life as a pipe, delivering clean water to someones home. After the residents upgraded their kitchen, it was torn out and disguarded. Here's where I come in.

I heated it with a torch until it was red hot. Then I cut it open and pounded it flat. Then I measured and cut some small triangles. And then I punched holes in two corners and filed away the sharp edges, ending with a really good cleaning and polish. Then I made a dainty s clasp and jump rings and attached a small copper chain and an Amethyst gemstone bead dangle to bring it all together.

It is adjustable from approximately six inches to seven and one half inches.
The individual triangle measures less than 1/2 inch from top to bottom, and approximately 1/2 inch across.

This item comes in a Kraft gift box for safe shipping or thoughtful gift giving.

Due to the recycled nature of this metal, it may be slightly distressed looking. All of my items are almost completely handmade. There may be scratches or marks in the metal, or something may not line up exactly perfect. These imperfections are not to be seen as defects, but unique qualities of using recycled or reclaimed metals and buying handmade.

Cleaning copper is easy. If you want to remove the chocolaty patina that develops after time, check out our care instructions below.

We always welcome custom orders, if you would like something made to your specifications please let us know.

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