Protection and Healing Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone of strength, and often used for protection. It has a fiery iridescent sheen that can only be seen when held in the light. It has been used to help the wearer recognize the interconnectedness and synchronicity of the universe.

I hand knotted this Mala using natural Labradorite gemstone beads and finished it with a handmade green tassel.

This mala comes in a satin pouch for safekeeping.

Caring for your mala:
Store your mala in the pouch or in a safe place when not in use. Do not wear on your wrist for extended periods of time, as this could cause it to break. Make sure to take it off before bathing, swimming, exercising, and other strenuous work or activity.
Treat gemstones with care, as gems can crack with force. When the tassel shows some wear, you can wet and finger comb the strands, trim if necessary, and let dry overnight.

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