About Test

Hello, my name is Lizzy. I design and make jewelry from recycled copper pipe and brass drum cymbals.

My first experience with jewelry was at young age when I realized I had a metal allergy. Whenever I put something on, whether it was a new pair of earrings or a necklace, I developed a rash within minutes. After a bit of research, I learned I was allergic to nickel, an inexpensive white metal that is often mixed with other metals to strengthen them. Nickel is a very common allergen and a whopping 15% of the population is allergic to nickel. Crazy!

For a long time, I thought I only had two options; to buy expensive nickel-free jewelry or not wear any at all. The expensive stuff wasn’t always in my budget, but not expressing myself through jewelry made me sad. That is when I decided the best way forward was to create pieces with my own hands that I not only I loved, but were also safe for my sensitive skin.

I started with a wire wrapping class and learned about the basic hand tools. I learned what metals to use and how to avoid nickel. Around the same time I was researching materials, I came across a website that explained the process of mining metals from the Earth. It was an eye opener! The negative environmental and social impacts from metal extraction was too great to ignore.

I then made a commitment that I would stop ordering so many of my materials new. At the time, My husband was a contractor and already saving copper piping and electrical wiring to recycle. It only made sense to recycle these materials myself.

After receiving commissions from friends and family I started to expand.

After eight years I am now making my living running this small business. I’m proud to say Simple Wealth offers unique jewelry products that are made from recycled metals (and nickel free).

Every item I make is 100% handcrafted with the exception of chain. Due to the recycled nature of this metal, it may have a slightly distressed look. There may be scratches or marks in the metal, or something may not line up exactly perfect. These imperfections are not to be seen as defects, but unique qualities of using recycled or reclaimed metals and buying handmade. I do my best to keep these imperfections to a minimum. Each piece tells its own story of today’s world, the world in which we all live