Copper Hexagon

These earrings started their life as a pipe, delivering clean water to someones home. After the residents upgraded their kitchen, it was torn out and dis guarded. Here's where I come in. I heated it to red hot in the fire pit (that left a really cool texture), and after it cooled I cut it open and pounded it flat. Then I heated it again, and after it cooled I measured and cut some hexagons. I punched a hole in the top of each one and hung them on my handmade 925 sterling silver ear wires.

This item comes in a Kraft gift box for safe shipping or thoughtful gift giving.

Please treat jewelry with care. Keep them in a safe place when not wearing, so they don't get knotted or kinked. Don't wear while swimming, showering or during strenuous exercise.

Due to the recycled nature of this metal, it may be slightly distressed looking. All of my items are almost completely handmade. There may be scratches or marks in the metal, or something may not line up exactly perfect. These imperfections are not to be seen as defects, but unique qualities of using recycled or reclaimed metals and buying handmade.

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